Below is a short FAQ about our bar. If you have come and enjoyed your experience we always love it if you shout it out to the world through rating us online, tagging us in a photo @noanchorbar, or telling a friend about us. 


Who is allowed in No Anchor?
Anyone over the age of 21 with a valid ID who does not appear intoxicated according to Washington State law. We are a safe space for all good humans.


Do you have food for vegetarians? Vegans? What about for those with dietary restrictions?
About 1/3 of our menu is vegetarian. We will gladly produce beautiful vegan dishes for any that ask, and will honor any allergies or restrictions you may have.


Do you do flights of beer?
We do not do flights, per se, but we do offer smaller pours of our beers on draft for a reduced price.


Can I taste beer X?
we offer an alternative: 4 oz "taster" sized pours of any beer for a reduced price and the purchasing wisdom of a highly educated and very friendly staff to help you find what you're looking for. 


Do you take reservations?
Yes we do take reservations. You can CLick this link, or reach us at or by calling (206)448-2610.


Do you make cocktails?
We have a very limited but superdope cocktail menu! They are all bottled or on tap—so what is currently on the menu is all we serve at any given time. But we promise… they are good.


Who does your design?
Our restaurant was designed by Atelier Drome Architecture. Our menu, logo, and branding were designed by joel at Forest in Los Angeles. 


Are your beer glasses available for purchase?
They are available for purchase in person at the bar for $13. We also sell t-shirts and beer koozies. 


Can I bring in a large group?
We have room for 30 people seated and have two old school standing bars for you to chill at as well. Our capacity is 49. Please reach out to us by phone or email before bringing in a large group.


What's on tap?
Additionally, we try to keep the menus on this site updated as much as we can with a daily changing draft list.


Why the name No Anchor?
Because we always want to keep exploring and pushing boundaries in the world of food and drink.


Do you sell gift cards?

Why yes, we do! You Can Purchase one Here!

are you dog friendly?
We welcome dogs on our patio and trust us, they will get a lot of love here.